Bine ati venit la o noua runda de jocuri noi lansate in AppStore. Saptamana aceasta ne bucuram de cateva titluri interesante, asa ca fara alte comentarii, aruncati o privire pe lista de mai jos si lasati in comentarii ce alegeti sa descarcati.

Head Basketball

From the flame shot of Korea to the ghost captain of Great Britain!
Enjoy this simple basketball game with characters
that have unique ability shots!

Descarca: Head Basketball  Pret: Free


Dan The Man

A village lies in peril. An evil organisation has emerged from the shadows. Your girlfriend, Josie, is fighting for survival. Can Dan the Man save the day? Only time will tell!

Descarca: Dan The Man  Pret: Free


Jade Empire: Special Edition

Jade Empire: Special Edition is an award-winning action RPG from the makers of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Experience a unique combination of fast paced martial arts action with a gripping, character driven story set in a mythical land. Each decision builds your reputation, changing the course of interactions with other characters and followers. Take the role of a master of martial arts, and recruit followers to your cause in an interactive, living world.

Descarca: Jade Empire: Special Edition  Pret: 9.99€


Maximum Car

Battle your way to victory, complete missions or enjoy the slow mo takedown cams as you explode fellow racers with missiles – perhaps from the comfort of an Ice Cream Van.

Descarca: Maximum Car  Pret: Free


Pirates War – The Dice King

Become a mighty pirate captain and compete with people from around the world to be THE DICE KING.

As a pirate captain build fortresses, fight others and capture their lands. In Pirates War there are plenty of ways to become a winner!
Use offense to bankrupt your adversaries, or focus on your defense and monopolize different areas to win. Create your own pirate crew and see they become stronger as you achieve victory.”

Descarca: Pirates War – The Dice King  Pret: Free


Smashing the Battle

In the year 2085, a huge multiplex construction site becomes a victim of a massive scale hacking incident.
Due to the hack, the construction robots starts to attack the workers on site. What could have possibly happened?

Descarca: Smashing the Battle  Pret: 0.99€ (80% off for limited time)


Shadow Bug Rush

Shadow Bug is back as slick as ever. Shadow Bug Rush offers endless levels of slicing monsters to pieces! The game’s familiar one-finger-controls take platformer gaming to a new level.

Descarca: Shadow Bug Rush  Pret: Free


Retro Shooting

We took classic arcade shooting games and remade them with 3D voxel graphics to create ‘Retro Shooting.’
The plane shooting game series of Livezen has been acknowledged for their fun and quality by countless shooters!
Once again, we guarantee to provide you with a thrilling and fun time.

Descarca: Retro Shooting  Pret: Free


Apocalypse Max

This is the expanded and free version of original Apocalypse Max with new levels and world Bosses.

You, Apocalypse Max, are the lone survivor of this zombie apocalypse. Journey through heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping action spread out over multiple worlds! Master in-air maneuvers as you find your way around precarious platforms. Discover secret treasures and collect gold as you overcome zombies and Unlock insane weapons and find crazy ways to blast past your enemies. Don’t like guns? Wanna get up close and personal? No problem! Rip apart your foes with your oversized, battle-hardy combat knife.”

Descarca: Apocalypse Max  Pret: Free


Feral Fury

Long after humankind perished in the flames of its many wars, the great panda empire and the Hellhog Horde is locked in an endless struggle for galactic domination. Aboard the starship Shaanxi IV, the 3d battalion panda marines are preparing for yet another battle. As the ship’s engines power down, admiral Pawgarr addresses the troops one last time.

Descarca: Feral Fury  Pret: 3.99€