Bine ați venit la o nouă săptămână plină de jocuri noi lansate in App Store. Petrecerea a inceput putin mai devreme cu o lansare surpriză a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 și jocului de aventura/zen Barmark. Iată lista completă mai jos:

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3


RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3 (RCT3) is the classic bestselling PC strategy simulation that now brings the fun of a roller coaster park right to your iPhone or iPad! With a new mobile-friendly UI, the creativity, depth and sophistication of the classic PC game is all here – with NO in-app purchases.​”

Descarca: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3  Pret: 4.99€


Drift City Mobile

Drift City Mobile is the successor of the most popular online racing game “Drift City”, which had more than a million players driving their coolest cars in different countries.

Descarca: Drift City Mobile  Pret: Free


Sputnik Eyes

“Sputnik Eyes is a classic puzzle: entertaining but a real brainteaser. Think sharp, explore all the planets and help your robotic companions!”

Descarca: Sputnik Eyes  Pret: 1.99€


Gathering Sky

“Guide a flock of birds on a playful journey across the sky. Dance in the winds of a far-away world and create an emotional story without words.”

Descarca: Gathering Sky  Pret: 2.99€ (iPad)


March of Empires

“Break away from reality and ascend to the throne through the art of war!
Claim your title as Highland King, Northern Czar or Desert Sultan, and join this genre-redefining strategy game where you will wage constant war for real territorial conquest!”

Descarca: March of Empires  Pret: Free


The Ascension

Ascend as high as you can. Tap to rotate the platforms and allow your bouncing ball to reach higher grounds while collecting valuable pyramids.
Beware though, speed increases and platforms disappear…

Descarca: The Ascension  Pret: Free



Avoid the blades for as long as you can! Collect coins to unlock new characters.

Descarca: Avoid.  Pret: Free



Barmark is a point n’ click exploration game, where you can alter the game’s environment in order to achieve harmony and personal perfection. There are no goals, no points and no death. Barmark lets you be in control of your own experience.

Descarca: Barmark  Pret: 2.99€


Battlestation: Harbinger

Battlestation: Harbinger is a real-time (RTS) space strategy game. Set in a universe, where 3 other species and an unknown threat are nearby, you will command many of the best ships the human race has to offer. Discover new technology and enjoy a gripping story this space adventure simulation game offers.

Descarca: Battlestation: Harbinger  Pret: 3.99€



Two circles fly across the screen. If they overlap, simply tap. The larger the overlap, the more points you get.

Descarca: Circlestances  Pret: Free


I Shot the Sheriff

“I Shot the Sheriff is a dual wielding two-button retro styled arcade game set in the Wild West. Shoot all the Bandits but never ever shoot the Sheriff!”

Descarca: I Shot the Sheriff  Pret: Free


Blocky Raider

Explore the blocky temple in one of the greatest mobile adventures of all time. Survive pitfalls, spikes, traps, blades, lava, rickety rope bridges, ancient ruins and rolling boulders… It’s block hard!

Descarca: Blocky Raider  Pret: Free


Mobius of Magic

Your adventure begins at the Harbour of Thal’mur, where you have been training with your master, Roku the Sorcerer. After completing your final test, your master asks your to deliver an ancient relic to Leena, a mistress of White Magic. ”

Descarca: Mobius of Magic  Pret: 4.99€


Panic Run

Run around panicking as obstacles fall from above to hit you! Your platform will move up and down making it easier or harder to avoid the obstacles as the game progresses! Collect coins to unlock beautiful backgrounds and characters

Descarca: Panic Run  Pret: Free


Sentinel Command

Sentinel Command is a sci-fi themed strategy game that blends tactical, turn-based RPG style combat with a real time strategic simulation.

Descarca: Sentinel Command  Pret: 6.99€ (iPad)


Star Pelt

“Star Pelt, Destiny in two touches. simple yet challenging game
The UFO has been kidnapping characters on earth and using their DNA to create an army! Now, The Red has been kidnapped, help the blue to find her!”

Descarca: Star Pelt  Pret: Free