Bine ati venit la o noua runda de jocuri noi lansate in AppStore. Si in aceasta saptamana ne bucuram de titluri interesante, pe care abia astept sa pun mana, precum Space Marshals 2 si Riptide GP: Renegade. Asadar mai jos gasiti lista cu jocurile ce merita atentia voastra saptamana aceasta.

Space Marshals 2

The sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. This tactical top-down shooter puts you in the shoes of specialist Burton in his struggle against the criminal elements of the galaxy.

This isn’t your ordinary dual-stick shooter. The emphasis is on tactical combat and stealth, rather than just spraying bullets, and there’s a story!

Descarca: Space Marshals 2  Pret: 5.99€


Riptide GP: Renegade

Experience the future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, dodge cops through public waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves.

You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Play through the single player career to unlock new vehicles, playable characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew.

Descarca: Riptide GP: Renegade  Pret: 2.99€



In the year 2398, after a great war, a network of intelligent computers known as Nightgate, is the last remaining life form on Earth.

Make your way through 50 handcrafted levels. Avoid enemies and dodge bullets as you interact with a digital world and explore what lies beyond the futuristic landscapes of Nightgate.

Descarca: Nightgate  Pret: 2.99€ (Launch Sale: 25% OFF)


Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers.
As you successfully purify your dungeons throughout the world from the pesky invaders, you will gain access to more powerful traps and devious utilities.

Descarca: Dungeon Warfare  Pret: 3.99€



Enter a magical world of leaping, jumping and super powered baby dragons!

Deep in the mystic realms the mischievous Dragonlings are on the loose. You’ll find them bounding through the tree tops, scrabbling up through Gold Rock and finally reaching the majestic heights of Lava Mountain.

Descarca: Dragonlings  Pret: Free


Pixel Dodgers

Have a blast with Pixel Dodgers, an addictive retro 8-bit action game!

Act fast to dodge as many pixel blasts as you can before being blown to smithereens! Choose from a quirky cast of Pixel Dodgers characters, each with their own unique skills, as you dodge your way through beautifully illustrated 8-bit worlds. The retro visuals and delightfully difficult 2D gameplay are guaranteed to a give you a serious case of nostalgia – just tap to start!

Descarca: Pixel Dodgers  Pret: Free


Woody: Endless Summer

Join Woody in Woody: Endless Summer, an awesome adventure for becoming the greatest wakeboarder in the world, available for FREE on the AppStore!

In Woody: Endless Summer you will play as Woody: jumping, spinning and diving into the water trying to perform great tricks in order to get the highest scores on this thrilling journey!

Descarca: Woody: Endless Summer  Pret: Free


George of the Jungle Owie Owie

George of the Jungle is back and he needs your help! Owie Owie fever has turned once friendly and collectible light bugs into a bloodthirsty army. Climb as high as you can, making sure that you watch out for that tree (and that rock, and those thorns, and that bat). How high can you get?

Descarca: George of the Jungle Owie Owie  Pret: Free



Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of Stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

Descarca: Solitairica  Pret: 3.99€


Defend Your Turf

In a small town somewhere on earth, a bunch of guys dressed in blue hate another bunch of guys dressed in red. Use your brain as well as your fingers to guide red to absolute victory. You’ll need skill, you’ll need cunning. You’ll need to drop cars on people’s heads.

Descarca: Defend Your Turf  Pret: Free


Endless Rush – A Sunborn Rising Game

Zoom through the trees as an adorable, furry, six-winged dynamo in ENDLESS RUSH!

Fly through the endless forest of Cerulean collecting nectar and boosts to compete for the fastest Rush in the canopy! Can you collect more, and go farther and faster than your friends!?

Descarca: Endless Rush – A Sunborn Rising Game  Pret: Free



A girl named Misty lived in the maze, but the darkness from deep inside the maze has swallowed all the happiness of memory. The girl is forced to take on an adventure that nothing is sure, only you can lead her the way home!

It’s easy to get lost in the maze. Navigate the little girl through a series of challenging puzzles and bring back her home.

Descarca: LOST MAZE  Pret: Free


Spectrum 6

Mixing colors and assigning it to a certain place made the Spectrum6 a challenging yet fun experience.

From combining 2 primary colors such as Red, Yellow and Blue, you can create any secondary colors like Orange, Green or Violet. A neutral color Black can also be created by combining all the primary colors.

Descarca: Spectrum 6  Pret: 1.99€


Magic Mansion

Tap to jump and avoid traps while climbing the challenging levels of the Magic Mansion, in this retro pocket-sized platform game by Nitrome and Sets And Settings.

Descarca: Magic Mansion  Pret: Free


Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars

Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars is an interactive poem and video game about two stars flying into the heavens together.

You’re a star. Encountering another of your kind, you move in tandem to explore mythical spaces. Together you will twirl and surf in fluid motions, share moments of joy, overcome obstacles, and discover the meaning of your journey.

Descarca: Gemini  Pret: 2.99€ (SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE: $2.99 (25% off))