Bine ați venit la o nouă rundă de jocuri noi lansate în AppStore. Mai jos gasiti cele mai interesante titluri, de la jocuri turn-based premium până la puzzle-uri gratuite, fiecare meritând toată atenția voastră. Ca de obicei lăsați în secțiunea de comentarii ce alegeți să descărcați.


Travel through Beautiful mountains, serene valleys and harsh deserts solving Blyss’ unique and self-evolving puzzles.

The endless puzzle adventure along with musical ambient themes will keep you hooked for hours as you write your own high scoring saga.

Descarca: Blyss  Pret: 1.99€


Stack Buddies

Lucco and his buddies love to stack! And it’s easy to see why. Stack Buddies is an enjoyable game in which you drop bricks while trying to make the biggest tower that you can.”

Descarca: Stack Buddies  Pret: Free


Commute: Heavy Traffic

Welcome to the near future, the city where all the cars are controlled by computers. It would seem that now there should be no traffic jams and accidents … But this is not the case. Traffic jams are not eradicated by the rules of driving. With the only car that does not have autopilot, can you still reach your destination?

Descarca: Commute: Heavy Traffic  Pret: Free


Big Bang Racing

Outrun players around the world in action packed races, or collect treasures from puzzling adventure tracks. Create and share your own levels, upgrade your rides, and customize your characters with the swaggiest hats in the galaxy. Team up, climb the leaderboards and win glorious prices!

Descarca: Big Bang Racing  Pret: Free


Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken is a puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. You play as a ranger adventuring through a vast, unforgiving forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm, rescuing children who have lost their way. Randomly generated levels deliver a limitless supply of possibilities to explore and challenges to overcome. Your actions will influence not only your own story, but that of the villagers you hope to befriend and the town you call home.

Descarca: Road Not Taken  Pret: 4.99€


GX Racing!

GX Racing is an exciting new multiplayer motorcycle racing game.

Unlock 20 cutting edge motorcycles, choose from stylish characters and apply countless customization features! Defeat your opponents in more than 100 super fun tracks from New York to Tokyo.

Descarca: GX Racing!  Pret: Free


Mahjong Fairy Tiles

Welcome to a world of Mahjong! Set off on a magical adventure and solve beautiful 3D Mahjong puzzles on the way!

Descarca: Mahjong Fairy Tiles  Pret: Free


RedStory® Little Red Riding Hood

The wolves stole the map showing the location to grandma’s house ! I must warn her, as quickly as possible ! And avoid the pitfalls the wolves left on the way. this is my story… and i need your help !

Descarca: RedStory® Little Red…  Pret: Free



Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges.
In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. Imagine when colors are running around, revolving, hiding, changing shape and doing everything they can to avoid being caught by your line. It will take skill and sense of rhythm to get the sequence right. Are you up for the challenge?

Descarca: Linia  Pret: 1.99€


Heroes of Normandie

Take one of the most modern, fun and engaging board games created in recent years. Match it with cutting-edge technology. Add a ridiculously well-crafted art style and a ton of extra content. This is the recipe to one of the most thrilling, charming and captivating strategy games you will ever find.

Descarca: Heroes of Normandie  Pret: 14.99€


Bouncy Tower

Bouncy Tower is an endless bouncing game where you match colors and avoid spikes.

Tap the screen to shift the stack of blocks until the top block is the same color as your bouncing character’s blockthe number of blocks you shift through is your score.

Descarca: Bouncy Tower  Pret: Free



Take control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha, wielding a living sword on her journey through a nightmare world in search of her family.

Swipe-based touch controls will let you solve puzzles, find secrets, and do battle with a host of disturbing monsters. As the journey goes on, you’ll unlock new abilities, ascend an RPG-style upgrade tree, and tease apart the mysteries of the dark fantasy universe Sasha finds herself in.

Descarca: Severed  Pret: 5.99€