Este Joi si, asa cum v-am obisnuit, am pregatit o lista cu cele mai notabile titluri lansate in aceasta saptamana in App Store. Intr-adevar, sunt multe jocuri lansate in fiecare saptamana dar incercam sa alegem doar cateva care consideram ca merita mentionate, altfel nu am avea efectiv suficient timp pentru a le incerca/testa pe toate. Sper ca gasiti lista interesanta iar daca stiti vreun joc care credeti ca merita atentia noastra, lasati in sectiunea de comentarii.

Joan Mad Run

Joan Mad Run is a gory endless run’n’gun, that takes your enemies straight into the underworld. Literally. Run through the infinite chords of well-armed guards and eerie bosses. Train your dexterity to avoid dangerous traps and deadly shots. Unlock unique weapons and cut, explode, burn, freeze, melt, incinerate, squeeze and send your enemies’ souls right into the blazing inferno. Collect lives and ammo to always be ready and show them who’s boss!

Descarca: Joan Mad Run  Pret: Free


Never Gone

Never Gone is an old-school beat-em up 2D Action Game for gamers on iOS platform. It sets in a classic world where human, vampires and other demons co-exist and constantly waging war against one another. Play as Blood Knight or Dark Sister to face the incredible challenge and win glorious rewards. Discover, craft and upgrade over 200 weapons, equipments, items and even skills as you explore the war-torn game world.

Descarca: Never Gone  Pret: 2.99€


Thumb Space

Get your hand out of your pocket, we need your thumb!

It’s time to take to the skies, strap a gun to your thumb and fight the enemy in this fast-action, adrenaline-fuelled, thumb shoot ‘em up!

Descarca: Thumb Space  Pret: Free



INKS updates pinball for a new generation. It combines the joy of pinball with skilful tactical challenges, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas.

Descarca: INKS  Pret: 1.99€


Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon

Join the Space force and build the ship of your dreams. Discover the hidden Universe and fight for human future!
Prove your commander skills and build your way to the stars! Orbitarium is a space combat game that has been waiting for a skilled pilot to bring us to the victory! Join the United Space Forces and fight the evil aliens for the future of humanity.

Descarca: Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon  Pret: Free


Carneyvale Showtime

Become history’s greatest circus acrobat in the enchanted land of CarneyVale! Perform aerial displays of flawless flings, death-defying stunts and fantastic flips with ragdoll physics action as Slinky the puppet in a show that will captivate your audience.”

Descarca: Carneyvale Showtime  Pret: 1.99€


Black Hole Joyrider

Guide your spacecraft through the gravity well of a powerful black hole using only your retro-thrusters and dwindling fuel reserves.

Descarca: Black Hole Joyrider  Pret: 2.99€


Olympus Rising

Join the epic battle for Mount Olympus and unleash the power of the Gods! Conquer distant lands with an army of heroes, build an impenetrable base to keep rival players at bay, and proclaim your glory across the world in this breath-taking, addictive action MMO.

Descarca: Olympus Rising  Pret: Free


UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™ is an original action-puzzle adventure following Nathan Drake’s continued pursuit to uncover the long-lost treasures of history’s most notorious pirates, adventurers and thieves.

Descarca: UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter  Pret: Free